Frequently Asked Questions

How is the tree stump removed?

We grind the stump away with a specialist tree stump grinding machine that has a rotating head with teeth that spin at very high speed, grinding the tree stump into small chippings. The head sweeps backwards and forwards across the tree stump, starting at the top and working its way down to below ground level.

What happens to the chippings that are left?

As the head goes into the ground the chips are mixed with the soil under and around the tree stump, making a woody mulch. This mulch is backfilled into the hole created by the tree stump being removed and is trodden down as hard as possible. There will be further settlement as the mulch rots down over a period of weeks. Any excess mulch is left for you to use in the garden or surrounding area.

Can you take any excess mulch away?

We do not recommend that any mulch is removed from the site as it will almost certainly be needed as the earth in and around the site of the stump settles.

What about Honey Fungus?

Honey Fungus is the common name of several species of fungi within the genus Armillaria. Honey fungus spreads underground, attacking and killing the roots of perennial plants and then decaying the dead wood. It is the most destructive fungal disease in UK gardens. If it is evident in the roots of the tree stump being removed we recommend you dispose of the mulch created by the grinding in landfill to help prevent the fungus being spread. More information on Honey Fungus can be found at: https://www.rhs.org.uk/advicesearch/Profile.aspx?pid=180

Will the tree re-grow?

Provided the tree stump is ground out to the recommended depth it is all turned into chips and nothing remains that can grow.

How much mess will be left?

Provided the tree stump is ground out to the recommended depth it is all turned into chips and nothing remains that can grow.

Can you deal with tree stumps on a bank?

This is not usually a problem as our tracked machine is ideal in wet slippery awkward conditions. We will check the site is suitable when we do any site survey before confirming we can do the job.

Can you get into my back garden as my gate is narrow?

Our small tracked Predator machine can narrrow down to 26" wide, so preferably needs a minimum gap of 28” wide, so we can access most gardens. If your access is exceptionally narrow we sometimes have to temporarily remove a fence panel, but this is not usually a problem.

Isn’t it quicker and easier to get rid of tree stumps using a JCB?

Not in your garden it isn’t! Although tree stumps can be dug out using a JCB this type of removal is really only practical where the surrounding area is farmland or rough open space. Most people want the tree stump removed with the minimum of disruption and the surrounding land made available for a new use as soon as possible, so grinding is the only real option.

Tree stump removal by grinding is quick and efficient and although there is some displacement of the ground under and around the stump, the resulting hole can be back filled and levelled immediately.

If a JCB is used you also have the problem of what to do with the stump that is dug out. Grinding turns the tree stump into small chips that mix with earth, creating a valuable mulch that can easily be disposed of in and around the garden.