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Photo of the Carlton® SP7015 TRX stump grinding machine

Carlton SP7015 TRX

Our 60HP tracked Carlton SP7015TRX, with radio remote control and variable width tracks, is the ultimate high powered tree stump grinding machine.

Carlton stump grinders have a reputation for superior performance and reliability. Built in the USA, they are known for being over built and over designed to ensure years of trouble free operation.

This machine is designed to cope effortlessly with large tree stumps and high volume work. It takes a fraction of the time to complete a job, compared to a small stump grinding machine, making it economic from our customers' point of view. Its speed of operation and versatility helps to cut costs and complete the work efficiently and quickly.


Photo of the tracks of the Carlton SP7015TRX tree stump grinding machine

The low ground pressure tracks help to ensure the machine can be used on a wide variety of terrain where wheeled machines would not be able to cope. These tracks are particularly valuable in wet slippery conditions where grip and stability are paramount.

The tracks expand to 48” (122cm) wide when the machine is operated in the cutting mode, yet they can retract to only 35.5” (90.2cm) to enable the machine to reach areas with restricted access. When you combine this feature with its small turning radius you have an extremely manaeoverable stump grinding machine in tight situations. This is ideal in orchards, paddocks and gardens where space is tight.

We can even run the tracks on boards if necessary to ensure minimal ground disruption.



Photo of the narrow tracked Predator RX radio remote tree stump grinder

The Narrow Predator RX

Our new Predator machine is also radio remote with variable width tracks. It has been specifically designed to deal with tree stumps in restricted areas, as it narrows down to only 26” (67cm cm) wide.

It therefore goes through most narrow side gates without a problem. Its powerful 28HP machine does a good solid job in situations where a larger machine is either not needed or cannot be used.