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Half way through a tree stump

How do we remove the tree stump?

Although tree stumps can be dug out using a digger, this type of removal is really only practical where the surrounding area is farmland or rough open space. Most people need the tree stump removed with the minimum of disruption and the surrounding land made available for a new use as soon as possible.

We therefore remove the tree stump by grinding it out. Tree stump removal by grinding is quick and efficient and, although there is some displacement of the ground under and around the stump, the resulting hole can be back filled and levelled immediately. You do not have to wait for the tree stump to rot and any disruption is kept to a minimum.

We grind the tree stump out using a specialist stump grinding machine which has a large steel wheel with tungsten tipped teeth positioned around it. This wheel rotates at high speed and gradually swings from side to side, grinding the tree stump out, starting from the top and working its way to the bottom and into the earth.

The tree stump is ground into small chips and is mixed with the soil in and around the stump, creating a valuable mulch. Most of this mulch is usually backfilled into the hole created by the removal of the stump.


Half way through a tree stump

Why is it necessary to remove tree stumps?

Tree stumps are usually removed because they are unsightly or dangerous and prevent you from using your land as you wish. No one wants to mow around tree stumps in their lawn or paddock.

When a tree is cut down and the stump remains, it always looks as though the work is only half finished.

You might want to build an extension on the land where the tree stump sits, erect a new fence, lay a new path or a new patio. You cannot do so with the tree stump in the way.

There is also the problem of disease. Tree stumps often harbour fungus, like honey fungus, which can spread throughout your garden, killing other trees and plants. The only solution is to remove the tree stump before the disease spreads.